"Expressing what we cannot see... that's the meaning of painting the real side"

The artist Joss Toledo was born in Málaga Spain and lives in Zürich for several years. 

The differences between Spanish and Swiss cultures, although both are European, goes beyond typical stereotypes. Joss knows, loves and lives both of them.

This duality is a constant source of inspiration: on the one hand religion, tradition and family.
On the other hand the city, society and current affairs.

His works always treat these themes from a double perspective, both in form and content. His art plays with the aesthetics, the simplicity of Euclidean geometry of flat colors and continuous lines. But it is also symbol and purpose: The will to tell the story behind the curtain.

At first glance, his paintings reveal canonical and regulated reality, but close inspection reveals details, signs, clues, and traces that reveal multiple hidden meanings. 

The artistic avant-garde of the early 20th century, geometry and the language of color are always present in his work. 

Joss Toledo is a vital artist with an ever-present intention to tell a story, to suggest a feeling, to seek a relationship with the viewer through closeness, similarity in experiences, parallels in life.

His works are actually part of private collections in Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Germany

In April 2021 the Joss Toledo Art Studio & Gallery opened its doors in Zürich (Switzerland) where the audience can visit and acquire original works and Joss' special collaborations with other artists.


Somos, mucho más de lo que pensamos, aquello de donde venimos.

Para pintar mis cuadros me inspiro en la vida y las personas y tambien en lo que pienso que se esconde tras la primera capa, tras aquello que el mundo aparenta ser.

Mis figuras tratan tradiciones, comportamientos y críticas sociales que invitan a la reflexión.

Me gusta pensar que las personas somos complejas y que nada es lo que parece, captar ese aspecto mediante la expresión, el color y la composicion e intentar transmitirlo en mis pinturas.

El resultado, un abanico de historias unicas llenas de energia llevadas al lienzo que espero que os guste.

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